How often do you have to replace windows?

When it comes to the essential upkeep and maintenance of your home, unfortunately nothing lasts for ever. Considering new windows are a sought-after asset to Suffolk buyers, if you’re planning on putting your home on the market anytime soon you may well be asking yourself ‘How often do I have to replace windows?’ With a range of window materials to choose from, let’s explain in more detail.

The general rule of thumb with the life expectancy of a window is those fitted in hot climates will typically need replacing more frequently. So, with the British climate in mind you shouldn’t need to worry too much!

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How often do you have to replace Hardwood windows?

These popular Hardwood classic frames ooze natural sophistication and the same can be said for their lifespan. These long-term window options last as long as 60 years and up to 70 years if they’re treated with the respect they deserve.

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How often do you have to replace Aluminium windows?

These fantastically steadfast frames last almost as long as hardwood windows, with a durable lifespan of 45-55 years; depending on location and maintenance aspects.

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How often do you have to replace uPVC windows?

Considering over 85% of new and replacement window projects now utilize uPVC window frames within their design, these economic energy savers have so much going for them. With the shortest service lifespan of 25-35 years (35 years most likely under normal urban and non-aggressive conditions), they’re still highly valued by homeowners within Sudbury and the surrounding Suffolk area.

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7 signs your windows might need replacing

  • Single pane windows
  • Forced or propped open
  • Painted or swollen shut
  • Energy bills have increased inexplicably
  • An increase in exterior noise
  • Condensation in between double or triple glazed panes
  • Visibly damaged, warped or broken

Reliable window replacements from A & B Asset’s

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