Which is best, patio doors or French doors?

Both French and patio doors can add a lot of practicality and timeless charm to your property and have their own benefits when compared to each other, ranging from aesthetics to functionality. French doors help to bring a considerable amount of elegance to your property and provide a smooth unison between the spaces between the inside and outside.

Patio doors bring in a substantial quantity of extra natural light and can allow you to accentuate the views of your garden. But while both have their significant advantages, which is best for you?

What’s the difference between French doors and patio doors?

Sliding Patio DoorThe main difference between French and patio doors is the way in which they open. French doors are double doors that generally open outwards, while patio doors slide along a wall on a double or triple track.

Patio doors will generally be made up of between two and four glass panels, with each panel able to fit large panes of glass which in turn help to provide such accessible views.

French doors require more space to swing open, usually out into your garden, while sliding patio doors are able to slide neatly to one side without compromising your house or garden space.

French doors are typically more traditional and so they are a great choice for older, heritage properties, while patio doors are more modern in their design and can suit a newer, contemporary home. However, both doors can be designed to suit any style of home.

What are the benefits of patio doors?

Not only can patio doors increase the amount of natural light beaming into your home but their clever design, based around a large quantity of glass fitted from top to bottom, enables a fantastic view of your garden.

This is further enhanced when you choose an aluminium frame that offers slim sightlines for a near uninterrupted view. The sightlines, which are the distance between the pane of glass on one door and the pane of glass on the other, are able to be slimmer in aluminium frames because of the strong natural properties on offer.

As well as aluminium, at A&B Asset, you can also opt for energy efficient and versatile uPVC or naturally beautiful and insulating timber. Aluminium is the strongest material out of the three and is even recyclable, along with being low-maintenance and having a long life.

What are the benefits of French doors?

dark french doorsFrench doors are a classically elegant option for your back doors that can help to enhance the design and style of your property. Not only are they a tastefully understated addition to a home, but they are able to be customised in a variety of ways to help fit your preferences.

There are typically a range of sizes, styles and framing options to choose from so you aren’t restricted. At A&B Asset, French doors are available in a choice of uPVC, aluminium, or timber so you can choose the right material to best suit your home.

In addition to their beautiful appearance, they also help to bring in a considerable amount of natural light.

French doors consist mainly of glazed units that run the length of the door, so the natural light will shine through and help brighten up your home.

Do patio doors add value to your home?

There is certainly the possibility of being able to increase the value of your home through installing sliding patio doors. They can be appealing to potential buyers because of the way they open up an entire wall and create a seamless transition between the home and garden.

Do French doors add value to your home?

French doors can often bring an instant added value to your home. They are widely known to be a popular home improvement option with a great return on investment, so it’s definitely worth considering French doors if you are looking to upgrade your current door.

So, patio doors or French doors?

French doors are typically viewed as more traditional and elegant, remaining a firm favourite amongst homeowners today. Sliding patio doors, on the other hand, can help to save space in a contemporary fashion whilst letting in plenty of natural light. Naturally, it will depend on what you are looking for in terms of what will complement your home the best. If you have a preference or want to find out more, contact us at A&B Asset and get a quote.

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